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Clown vs. Puppet 2020

clown vs puppet thomas.jpg

Don’t miss the most preposterous and obnoxious political debate in the history of our great country! Only two buffoons remain in a historically crowded pool of candidates dog paddling for the presidency of the United States. In a barrel of sinkers these two have floated to the top!

It is Clown VS Puppet 2020!

Neither of them know left from right but that won’t stop them from travelling coast to coast through the rust belt states drumming up votes from people who suddenly matter! Babies will be shaken and women will be kissed as they brag, boast, and blunder their way through the issues that matter most to voters. Issue for issue. Act for act. Nose to Nose. They’ll pose, pretend, and primp to gain the approval of a live audience!

Come out and cast your vote! It is your civic dooty to be part of this de-mock-racy!

While yes, this show has both puppets and clowns, it is not a kid’s show. It is political satire with adult humor, please use your own discretion.

Clown VS Puppet 2020!

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