ArtSpring is a steward of Tucker County Arts. We support learning, emerging, and established artists across the spectrum of contemporary and traditional creative arts. We offer direct support to artists, promote Tucker County as an arts destination, act as the gateway to the arts of Tucker County and facilitate the engagement between the creative community and the public.



Tucker County is a nationally recognized model of a progressive rural arts community that is a highly attractive destination for arts patrons and tourists. Artists thrive with affordable housing and studio space, abundant resources, and a vibrant, collaborative culture that supports student and working artists at all levels. World class galleries, exhibition spaces, performance venues and community event space provide ample public exposure for local and visiting artists. Strong programs for visiting artists and residencies encourage collaboration and broaden perspectives. The local community enjoys and supports the arts in public life and at all levels of education. The arts contribute significantly to the local economy; businesses and government reciprocate with robust infrastructure and developmental support for artists and art businesses.

ArtSpring is the key coordinating body for Tucker County arts. Our professional staff, interns and volunteers are housed in a dedicated facility. We produce the annual ArtSpring Festival and other arts events throughout the year to boost arts tourism and sales while showcasing the creative community. For the arts community, we advocate for affordable housing and studio space; identify and present learning and career development opportunities; assist in finding and obtaining grants; support small business development and management; cultivate business relationships for the advancement of the arts; develop publicity and marketing campaigns that connect residents, second home-owners and visitors with local artists, galleries, performance venues, and arts presenters; support the presentation of non-commercial and student artists, and ensure inclusive opportunities in a variety of venues. For the general public, we work with local schools, organizations, businesses, and governments to promote life-long arts education and to advocate for the sustainability of the arts in public life.



ArtSpring is a non-profit collective of local artists and arts appreciators who believe in promoting, presenting and supporting the arts in Tucker County. We believe in advocating for the Tucker County Arts community regionally and nationally. We believe in supporting the small businesses created by our working artists by helping them achieve personal, financial and professional successes through the work of our organization and our partnerships.

We know that creativity is essential to the well-being of all humans, and that the arts are essential to develop healthy communities and societies. We believe that art is a cornerstone of our societies, and that participation in the arts is invaluable to a well-rounded education. We wish to support our youth to be participants in, ambassadors for and innovators of our culture. Furthermore, we believe that engagement in the arts enhances quality of life, and by sharing the strength of our arts community we encourage all community members to participate in and support the arts while inspiring artists to visit and locate in Tucker County.

ArtSpring is committed to operate in a creative and professional manner, focused on cultivating and supporting artists, arts organizations and arts-related businesses. We aim to be transparent in our communication and innovative in how we fulfill our mission.

We wish to foster and maintain close relationships with our local artists, the arts community, local businesses and our citizenry in order to support their success within the framework of our mission. We want to make decisions in a collaborative fashion, considering the effects of our actions and involving our stakeholders wherever possible. We value our resources, both financial (grants, donations & earned income) and personnel (board, volunteers and staff) and use both in a responsible and effective manner.